Calathea Leopardina Plant


The Calathea Leopardina, also known as the living plant is native to the rain forests of South America. It has vivid bright green leaves & distinctive markings.


The Calathea Leopardina plant, also known as the living plant is native to the rain forests of South America.  It has vivid bright green leaves with distinctive markings. This plant literally moves its leaves, watch them uncurl in the mornings and close again at night. It also has very good air purifying qualities.

Plant Care Tips:

  • Watering: water when the top layer of soil is dry about once a week in spring & summer and less so in the winter. But don’t let the soil dry out completely, they like lightly moist soil most of the time. This plant loves humidity too, so mist the leaves regularly, will love a bathroom environment
  • Light: needs plenty of diffused light, direct sunlight can cause the leaves to fade and lose its distinctive stripes. Can also tolerate low light conditions
  • Feeding: feed once a month during the spring season
  • Temperature: happy in normal household temperatures, avoid drafty areas and do not place near radiators to prevent drying out

Plant Details:

  • Available in a variety of sizes, sizes shown are the pot diameter
  • Pet Friendly Plant
  • Air Purifying Plant

Recommended Pots:

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Botanical Name

Calathea Leopardina

Plant Nickname

Living Plant

Easy Care Rating

Requires a bit more attention

Pet Friendly



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