Corporate Plant Gifts & Workshops

Plant gifts for your employees

Are you looking to reward your employees and show your appreciation for their support & incredible work? Then a houseplant can be a great choice to give as a gift. We believe in the power of plants to make people happy, and a happy workforce is the key to a healthy business.

We have a fantastic range of houseplants complete with a choice of pots to suit all budgets. Simply tell us your total budget or spend per person and we can present you with a selection of options. We might even be able to offer a discount for bulk orders.

We can send your corporate gifts directly to each employee or to your business, the choice is yours. Your gifts will be wrapped securely in our bespoke recyclable packaging, and will include plant care instructions. We can also include a hand-written card and any other corporate materials you wish.

Send a botanical desk buddy

If you would like to send a botanical pick me up to your employees to green up their desks, then we are here to help. It’s a well known fact that greenery boosts our well being, which in turn boosts our productivity. A green & leafy desk friend would be a welcome addition to your employees ‘working from home’ desk.

Treat your clients & give a gift that grows

Looking to reward your clients for their continued support, then a plant gift is the perfect choice. Houseplants have many wellness benefits and sending a green gift that will keep on growing, will show your clients just how important they are to you and your business. This will set you apart from your competitors and turn your clients into loyal repeat customers.

You can contact our team via telephone or email, or any of our social channels and we will be happy to help with your corporate gifting needs!

Host a Terrarium Workshop for your team

Fancy having a go at planting your very own Terrarium with your colleagues or team?

We can run a workshop at a location of your choice (within Berkshire or Oxfordshire), and provide you with all the tools & materials needed to plant up a ready to go self sufficient mini garden.  A Terrarium is a fantastic desk companion, that requires very little hands on care.  A workshop would also provide a fun, relaxing & creative experience for your staff. 

Watch our handy video here, for a look at what you can create in one of our workshops.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, our friendly team are here to help.