About Us

Our love of plants first began in 2019, selling a small range of plants from our gift shop in Oxfordshire. The houseplant boom happened and our gift shop slowly morphed into a full on plant shop, and Green & Wild was born!

We are now a thriving online plant speicialist, where bringing plants & people together is our passion.

We source all our plants direct from the highest quality growers in the Netherlands, and our collections are curated to offer the best houseplants to suit your needs.  We are not here to offer the biggest collection of plants there is, but instead to bring you something a little different. We are specialists in Terrarium supplies, everything you need in one place to create your own garden under glass.


Terrarium specialists

Terr-ar-ium, it’s a funny word isn’t it? But not only does it feel quite nice to say, these little eco systems are perfect for those who aren’t great at keeping plants alive.

But what is a terrarium? How does everything inside stay alive and is it true you don’t need to water them? Read our blog to find out more about these amazing mini indoor gardens.

We love Terrariums at Green & Wild, you can find a good selection of supplies and ready planted Terrariums in our store. If you fancy learning how to create your own then why not join us at one of our workshops.

The positive power of plants

The past few years have seen a huge surge in popularity for the humble houseplant. And there’s little doubt why we’re all turning green-fingered, creating our own green sanctuaries by bringing a slice of the outside inside. Houseplants boast a range of feel-good benefits and are an economical & versatile way to revamp your home decor. We believe in the positive power of plants to bring people happiness.  Finding the right plant for you has never been easier!

Find your plant

If you are an avid plant collector or just starting out as a new ‘plant parent’ we’ve got you covered. You can search through our plant collections in a few easy steps.

Use our easy navigation to search by plant type, room type, care level and light level. It’s always a good idea to think about where the plant will be in your home so you can pick the right plant for your space.

Think about the light conditions, and choose a plant that will thrive in that space. We want you and your plants to be happy, you can contact our friendly plant team if you need any help to make the right choices.

Delivered to your home

We aim to minimise the transit time for all live plants, to ensure they arrive at their new homes in good condition.  We use a 24hr trackable service for all plants. We carefully package all our plants in sustainable recyclable packaging, with no plastic. Each plant is hand-wrapped taking care to protect it as much as possible during transit.

All our plants are delivered with a ‘Plant Personality Care Card’ for that all important aftercare, we want to ensure you know exactly how to care for your plant.

Plant happiness is guaranteed for at least 14 days after you receive your plant, and we are here to assist with any plant care advice you need.        

Our latest plants